The Workshop

"I stop and think: what is the next step that will help me reduce the complexity of the system? I've learned that adding new functionalities reduces complexity!"
- Carlo Garatti, Developer, Oracle

Reducing the use of IF in ones software requires the ability to reduce the complexity of the system every time a new feature is introduced. Learn directly from Francesco Cirillo to make the construction and evolution of your Software System effective and enjoyable.

What is it?

The Anti-IF School Workshop is an advanced emergent design training held over three full days that focuses on real-world software design issues and challenges.

The Workshop is extremely hands-on and teaches participants concrete methods and tools.

Together with the participating teams and programmers, you will re-invent practices such as Refactoring, Testing, and TDD to understand how to grow software incrementally, maintaining maximum quality and delivering the highest possible number of functionalities.

This Workshop can also be organized and held at your company. Contact us.

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